How Empire Became a Medical:

Empire was formed in January of 2009 as a result of three independent O&P owners analyzing their purchasing and recognizing they needed help. Their primary interests were to increase pricing transparency and develop an effective way to place orders. Fortunately for these three visionaries, Jon Endrikat was able to answer their desperate summons to turn Empire into a Medical. Empire was a natural fit for Jon because of his extensive experience in process improvement and proven track record of successful tennis lessons. Wait, tennis lessons? Turns out the process improvement experience was in smoothing out that hitch in the service motion and not in business development. However, a couple months out of his MBA program, Jon was eager to turn his education into real experience.

In just a short period of time it became very evident to Jon and the newly minted Empire staff that custom software would be the best solution to streamlining the purchasing process. The software needed to immediately transmit order information to our orders management task force, store prices/part numbers from previous orders, and include costs comparison functionality. These were lofty and time consuming goals for a small staff that still had to negotiate discounts, place orders, find cost effective substitutes, review vendor invoices, collect money, and pay invoices. After two years in operation, a whole lot of extra hours at the office, and one fired software developer – We finally had a working system which would achieve our goals. We immediately began marketing our software to the O&P community and over the years have enjoyed steady growth with the majority of our new customers learning about us through word of mouth referrals.

To this day our mandate has not changed: reduce our customers’ cost of goods, give them resources to make better decisions, review every order for discrepancies, determine the best place to buy each product, and continually improve our software so that it remains efficient and user friendly. In short, we hope all of this directly translates to our customers as: Purchasing Simplified.

This is only the beginning of our story though. We look forward to new chapters and continued narratives. If you are already a part of our story we greatly appreciate your partnership and for those of you whom are not currently part of the Empire network we look forward to hearing from you.




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